osTicket theme 1.6 RC4

As you already know osTicket is a support ticket system which is very easy to use and free. Developers from osTicket are back, they fixed a few bugs and cleaned a little bit most of the code.


  • Multilanguage client interface: You can add as many languages as you want for the client side.
  • Error messages can be “catched” and identified by a unique MD5 key which you can translate it in your language file.
  • You can configure the Ticket ID field to be a password field or just a text field for “security”.
  • It comes with 2 cool, light and fully XHTML valid themes which you can easily modify colors and also the HTML because of it’s clean design.
  • It has a built-in CAPTCHA module that will protect you from SPAM.
  • Search tickets based only on ticket’s subject.
  • Easy to install.
  • Last but not least, it’s 100% free, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to remove credits 😉

It has been tested a while now but it’s still on a beta stage, however, you might find some bugs and I’ll be happy to get some feedback from you. I didn’t include the Spanish language file this time, but I’ll do it someday 🙂 If you want to translate it to other language feel free to send me your language file and I’ll include it in the next release 😉

Here are some screenshots:

This specific version is a patched one from Nov/30/2010 which includes all the post-install instructions here, spanish translation included and all the patches needed to work with osTicket 1.6.0 (Stable), get it here: Download [download#4]

*** This is still very old news, keeping them there just for the archives ***

Are you still reading? Ok, you deserve it… Download [download#1] (Compatible with 1.6 RC5)
Necesitas el tema en español? Descarga el archivo [download#2]

When you uncompress the file it will create a directory called “client”, that directory should be copied to osTicket’s root dir and the rest of the installation instructions are in the README file, have fun!

** Post install notes and bug fix:

  • The file thankyou.inc.php from this template has a code error in line 10: $ctlang->docatch($msg?) which should be changed for $ctlang->docatch($msg)?
  • Inside osTicket’s root dir, edit the index.php and comment (or delete) all the html code in order to see the template display correctly, then you just need to add this line before the footer in included: require(CLIENTINC_DIR.’main.inc.php’);. This bug and others will be fixed in the next release soon.

65 thoughts to “osTicket theme 1.6 RC4”

  1. @Jorge: I’m sorry, only english and spanish for now, but if you downloaded the file, it contains an english language file (en.lang.php) which you can translate to whatever you want 😉 If you do so, please send me the german translation and I’ll include it in the next release.

    @leo: thanks dude 😉

  2. Hello, first of all i would like to thank you for this plugin.

    But i can’t seem to make it work.. well i can make it work but it doesn’t seem to be displaying the CSS.

    if you could check Soporte Neocorps

    I did every step in the Readme file, but i must have messed up, i also did the bug fix for the index.php page and nothing happens.

    Thank you for your help!

  3. @Fernando: sorry to hear that, and honestly it’s my fault, I had to do a nasty trick to load the css files, but hey, there is always a patch 😉

    It looks like your server doesnt like “http://*” matches inside the URL, so try this little patch and tell me if it worked.

    client/header.inc.php (line 10)


    client/css/grey.php (line 1)


    Also you should do the same for the default css. Here is the explanation: Maybe your host has some kind of protection against malicious strings over GET requests, such as mod_security (apache), and what we do here is to bypass that protection by encoding the string inside the header and when the css file is called (it’s actually a php script which returns css type content) it decodes the string and does the same work.

    Hope this helps, and thank you for bringing this detail up, I’ll try to do something nicer 🙂

  4. Hello, and thanks. It looks good, but I can’t create a new ticket. I get an “Email mismatch” error listed beside the email space. Didn’t have this problem before the new theme so…?

  5. Oops – sorry! Figured out this error was due to my failing to log out of the admin area before I went to the user area to try submitting a ticket.

  6. @bmp: my guess about your issue could be another thing but the theme, since the theme doesn’t mess up with the core classes, it’s just an interface. That error is located in the file include/class.ticket.php (line 884) and as you can see. Let me know what you found.

  7. Hi man this is great i was looking for something that allowed me to change osticket language and with the spanish pack you made my work even easier. But i was wondering is there anyway so the user can choose which language works best for him?

    Thank you man really nice work 🙂

  8. @Marco: indeed it’s a good feature (the one you are asking) but that will require a few small hacks and it will not be a friendly patch 😉

    I haven’t played a lot with RC5 so maybe I’ll do it and see if something can be done. Thanks for your comments 😉

  9. I think I’v done everything as been instructed on the ReadMe file, and on the css patch fix above and still having the issue with CSS, Can’t display the Captch image nor any color etc, but everything is functional.

    Any help will be appreciated.
    Here is the URL I will keep live for few days.

  10. @iSammy: let’s go step by step, verify your config.php file, you should have all the files in a directory inside your osticket installation right?

    CTHEME_URL constant should have the full URL of your osticket installation + theme folder, like http://yourdomain.com/client/

    And I guess the captcha issue is because of that error too, try it and let me know please.

  11. xUx can you post a index.php for me to put on my root folder? I just don’t understand what you sad hear:

    Inside osTicket’s root dir, edit the index.php and comment (or delete) all the html code in order to see the template display correctly, then you just need to add this line before the footer in included: require(CLIENTINC_DIR.’main.inc.php’);. This bug and others will be fixed in the next release soon.

    My english is terrible =/

  12. index.php (OsTicket root folder)

    Remember CLIENTINC_DIR is defined inside client.inc.php and should point to the theme folder like this:

    Change ‘client/’ to whatever the name of your theme’s folder is 😉

    Let me know if it worked. Thanks for sharing your doubts.

  13. It didn’t work =/

    Can you upload to rapidshare a .zip or .rar with everything done? So i can just upload to the ftp?

    I am sorry for boring you.. But i really needed this =/

  14. No, no SORRY! I Just saw the red theme you have made.

    I want that one! =D I love it

    Can you do a .rar with the red theme so i can upload to the ftp?

  15. The client directory is inside the root of osticket correct.
    The Config.php is inside “Client directory”
    The URL is correct as well.

    Here is the “CLient.inc.php” configs:

    /*Some more include defines specific to client only */

    Looks like CSS issue?

  16. @Rick: Do you what you think is correct 😉 I do this as a contribution, have a nice day.

    @Insane: both themes are for the client’s inteface sorry.

  17. Listen, xUx. Your job is fantastic. It is simply fantastic. I’ll write a post in my blog about this fantastic job.


    In spanish: Eres un auténtico genio!! Gracias!!

  18. @esham: there is no multilanguage, you can only use 1 language at a time sorry, it’ll need more tweaks to make it work like that.

    @Phil: Try looking at the source and see what the captcha’s path is. Remember that the captcha itself has it’s own requirements like GD compiled with PHP.

  19. Thanks so much for this post and tamplate. But i have one problem. When I send a new ticket. The system returns me a blank page so i cannot see the thankyou… Any idea? It seems to be into the open.php…

  20. I also get a (mostly) blank open.php page after a ticket is submitted and the user is not logged in. Is there supposed to be a message like “Thank you for submitting a ticket, please check your email.”?

  21. Hola xUx, gracias por el template y la traducción!

    Tengo el mismo problema que Santy: envío el ticket pero no aparece mensaje de agradecimiento.



  22. Don’t know why I didn’t use OS ticket support forums in the first place to try and get captcha. Tried various versions and patches, all without success. Yours ?? You are a legend. Instructions were great, and all is working well. Great job dude.

  23. @Chris: excelente!

    @DeLaRey: I don’t see any captcha there, to enable captcha you need to have your php compiled with GD.

  24. Thank you for your help. To pay your work I will review your spanish translation as the one you have is not very good.

    I promess I will fowar it to you soon.


  25. @Julian: Go ahead please 🙂 The spanish translation was meant to be universal and for how I coded the theme you can easily change it and adapt it to whatever language you want. All contribuitions are welcome 🙂

  26. @Kristo: Sorry this is the only version available now, it works if you follow the instructions and it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to get it up and working. Let me know if you need any help with the installation.

    @mazost: lol, guess I need to work on the download links 😛

  27. Great template i love your work. I am working on translating everything to norwegian, but i am having trouble with the norwegian carachters ( Æ Ø Å ) hope you can se them. Do you know how i can fix this?

  28. @Marius: Thanks! I visited your site and couldn’t find any “Æ Ø Å” characters, however I think you can edit the file ctheme-lang.inc.php and change the line 18 to:

    Let me know how it goes 😉

  29. Hi everyone,

    Is this theme (and es-lang) compatible with osTicket 1.6-final?

    I cannot manage to get it working right 🙁

  30. @xUx: Sure, following every step of the installation process (and the post install notes), at the end I have a system without any theme at all, I mean, the actual content (in Spanish) but with a white background and no images…

  31. great app!
    thanka a lot, this client and spanish languague was very useful to me, right now im working to improve the traslation, when a finish it im share with u by email.



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