osTicket theme 1.6 RC4

As you already know osTicket is a support ticket system which is very easy to use and free. Developers from osTicket are back, they fixed a few bugs and cleaned a little bit most of the code.


  • Multilanguage client interface: You can add as many languages as you want for the client side.
  • Error messages can be “catched” and identified by a unique MD5 key which you can translate it in your language file.
  • You can configure the Ticket ID field to be a password field or just a text field for “security”.
  • It comes with 2 cool, light and fully XHTML valid themes which you can easily modify colors and also the HTML because of it’s clean design.
  • It has a built-in CAPTCHA module that will protect you from SPAM.
  • Search tickets based only on ticket’s subject.
  • Easy to install.
  • Last but not least, it’s 100% free, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to remove credits 😉

It has been tested a while now but it’s still on a beta stage, however, you might find some bugs and I’ll be happy to get some feedback from you. I didn’t include the Spanish language file this time, but I’ll do it someday 🙂 If you want to translate it to other language feel free to send me your language file and I’ll include it in the next release 😉

Here are some screenshots:

This specific version is a patched one from Nov/30/2010 which includes all the post-install instructions here, spanish translation included and all the patches needed to work with osTicket 1.6.0 (Stable), get it here: Download [download#4]

*** This is still very old news, keeping them there just for the archives ***

Are you still reading? Ok, you deserve it… Download [download#1] (Compatible with 1.6 RC5)
Necesitas el tema en español? Descarga el archivo [download#2]

When you uncompress the file it will create a directory called “client”, that directory should be copied to osTicket’s root dir and the rest of the installation instructions are in the README file, have fun!

** Post install notes and bug fix:

  • The file thankyou.inc.php from this template has a code error in line 10: $ctlang->docatch($msg?) which should be changed for $ctlang->docatch($msg)?
  • Inside osTicket’s root dir, edit the index.php and comment (or delete) all the html code in order to see the template display correctly, then you just need to add this line before the footer in included: require(CLIENTINC_DIR.’main.inc.php’);. This bug and others will be fixed in the next release soon.

65 thoughts to “osTicket theme 1.6 RC4”

  1. Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again!

    I get this error, I am running 1.6 stable on php 5.2

    Does it run on stable 1.6?

    any ideas?

  2. Hola amigo, ante todo gran trabajo por tu parte, agradecidos estamos todos por tu esfuerzo.

    Mira, he instalado todo correcto, pero los mensajes de fallo aparece una ristra de numeros y letras , esto que es ?


    Se requiere autentificacion

  3. @NachoGomez: Try to view the source code from the generated page, if you get a page without styles then that means it is not loading the css file.

    @Ariel Barrios: Glad to hear you’re running it without issues 🙂

    @Ole: Guess not, wonder if Marius is still alive he could send me the file (again just in case my email blocked him).

    @gringoLoco007: That sounds like an OsTicket error more than a template error, did it work before you tried to install the theme?

    @sergi: Gracias! Explicando, cada mensaje en inglés del sistema es encriptado usando la función md5 para obtener una cadena única de 32 caracteres. Cada una de esas cadenas debe estar incluida en los archivos de idiomas. Las que contiene por default son algunos no todos 😉

    @Jade: Sorry, for the moment this one only works for the client side. By not showing you mean “nothing”?

  4. OK, I give up.
    Seems to be very easy, but I spent 8 hours trying… and no chance more!

    I worked on an Hostgator/cPanel/fantastico installation, maybe they alter a little the original instalation.

    XuX.in, do you Know somebody that does the “translation conversion procedure” for not too much money for me? I need urgently a ticket system…

  5. RE: Unable to create a ticket. If anybody cannot submit a ticket after following the theme’s README then they should log on to the Admin panel and DISABLE the Captcha in there. Save settings and log out. This theme uses its own captcha routine and its author obviously didn’t have it enabled to begin with else he would have included that step in the README. However, none of us are perfect! So please be nice to anybody who makes your life easier – so thank you xUx.

  6. i have a problem. I need osticket in spanish. I followed all the instructions but i don’t have it in spanish. i have the label. For example in the page, main_001, head_001, etc. can you help me?

  7. Hello XuX Im in the same situation of JAvier.. I got an error modifyng index.php is there a posibility to chat with you?’ Im from mexico and I really need the translation.

  8. I cannot understand the part of “delete all the html data no php on the file inside of index.php…Could anyone give me a hand¿?

  9. @Sunny: Thank you! You’re totally correct, I missed that part in the README, if you activate the captcha you need to deactivate the built-in captcha which was introduced when 1.6 was released if I’m not wrong.

    @caribay: Something went wrong with your installation then, did you download the latest theme? http://xux.in/blog/download/ctheme.tar.gz.gz

    @OmiHack: What happens if you skip that step? you’ll see some extra html code in your site, and that is the code I’m asking you to delete or comment 😉 I’ve sent you an email.

  10. i downloaded the last version from osticket after installation i try it and works. Then i download your great css and apply with the spanish translation configuration and all readme tricks except enable captcha which i don’t need at the moment.

    All seems to work fine except when an user wants to check the status of the ticket, he gets this error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function translate() on a non-object in /var/www/html/suport/login.php on line 26

    which is this one

    any idea?

    thanks in advance

  11. hi…
    me to have same problem with red theme…in this every thing is working perfect. bt during the creation of new ticket its showing the error “Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again!”…please solve this problem. and i configured exactly from README document in folder….
    thanks in advance.

  12. hello,
    i’ve followed all your instructions on README text.
    but i’ve a problem on captcha.

    i’ve disabled the captcha on admin page, and i replace the open.php with your instruction in README.

    but when i open new ticket, the page is blank.

    what the problem?

    thanks for your help

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