IP updater for EditDNS.net

As anyone know (and should know) EditDNS it’s the best alternative for DNS Management and the best of all it is FREE 😉

Here I wrote/adapted some code which will allow you to update your dynamic IP through EditDNS’s API.


  • You need to register first! (duh)
  • Donations are optional, but if it makes your life easier you should consider it and you’ll also get more services.
  • Perl!

File: editdns.pl

Next and once you have configured the script:

Do not set intervals lower than 15 minutes, since it can be considered as an abuse and you’ll get banned.

Part of this code was taken from James Marshal, happy coding!

*** If you are looking for SSL support and multiple records you might want to check http://xux.in/blog/post/php-editdns-updater-for-linux/

7 thoughts to “IP updater for EditDNS.net”

  1. I’ve setup an personal SVN repository and Trac installation (with source browsing for public access) for the EditDNS scripts. I’m continuing to improve them, with the next planned feature being SSL support.

  2. @xian: the idea of this script was to make it simple without using any library, however, for supporting SSL it will need more work, I’ll post later (within this week) a new perl and php version taking Jason’s ideas.

  3. ## Configure ONLY this 2 variables
    my $editdns_pass = “a”; # put your password
    my $editdns_record = “b”; # put the record you wish to update

    It requires a password.

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