osTicket Red theme 1.6 RC4

Hello there 🙂

Based on my old post (http://xux.in/blog/post/osticket-theme-1-6-rc4/), I decided to do more templates for osTicket 1.6 RC4 and RC5, because (and accidentally), the main theme code I did, allows you to integrate new templates in just a few minutes. So I downloaded some free css templates (like 12) and started to play with them and I’ll release 1 post for each template. The first part of the post will contain only the theme’s screenshots and once I fix some the code and test it enough I’ll update the post with the full template translated in english and spanish.

Here is how it looks! 🙂

Download [download#3] (Compatible with 1.6 RC5)

* Note: This template is ONLY for the client side, not for the staff/admin area.